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Advanced Laser Dentistry in Naples, Fl

BayView Dental Arts is proud to offer the most sophisticated arrangement of cutting-edge dental technologies available in Naples. We are able to detect issues with your teeth with a high degree of precision using a variety of advanced imaging options and can carry out pain-free procedures to correct the problem. The best part? All of this can usually be completed the very same day that you come in for your appointment!

Digital Radiographs

Dexis X-Rays offer dentists highest reliability imaging capabilities over a broader range of exposure settings than any other system on the market. This reduces the need for rescans, and thus eliminates unnecessary patient exposure to radiation. With the comfortable Dexis Platinum scanner, you can rest easy knowing that the radiograph will proceed with full efficacy without causing you excessive discomfort.

Advanced Laser Dentistry Technology


When people experience anxiety about a trip to the dentist, it is largely because they envision a collection of sharp, noisy drills being used to treat cavities. Waterlase is a revolutionary new technology that excites the water molecules within your teeth to make precise cuts. The laser continuously sprays water on the incision, keeping the tooth hydrated and cool – essentially eliminating pain altogether! Because the tool doesn’t make contact with the tooth, the risk of infection is drastically reduced. Waterlase is safe, fast and precise, allowing dentists to complete multiple small procedures in a single visit.

Dexis CariVu

This handheld device allows dentists to spot cavities with extreme precision. The Dexis CariVu works by flooding each tooth with near-infrared light that illuminates the enamel to sensors. Healthy, continuous enamel will allow this light to pass through uniformly, while caries (also known as cavities) will inhibit this light and produce telltale dark spots that are easy to notice by a trained dental professional. With a 99% detection rate, CariVu is a safe and effective adjunct to X-Ray imaging.


CEREC (or CEramic REConstruction) has transformed the way cosmetic dentistry is performed. Before the introduction of this technology, damaged teeth would have to be molded so that a laboratory could create a prosthodontic to restore your smile.

Thanks to CEREC CAD/CAM dentistry, we are now able to greatly expedite this process while yielding more precise and affordable results. First, a 3D digital image of your teeth is made using visible light scanning, CT Scans, Digital Radiographs or other methods. Then, the parameters of your restoration can be accurately calculated with the assistance of the smart software. Finally, your silicate ceramic prosthodontic restoration can be manufactured in-house and installed onto your tooth in the very same appointment.

Advanced Laser Dentistry Technology


You may know the Zeiss name for its superior-quality camera lenses, so it should come as little surprise to learn that Zeiss Microscopes lead the industry in resolution. With enhanced ergonomics, unsurpassed image clarity and integrated video solutions, Zeiss Microscopy allows your dentist to perform more thorough examinations and tailor treatment plans to address your needs while minimizing risk and uncertainty.

Sirona Galileos CT Scan

With a single 14-second scan, your dentist will have a detailed overview of your oral health. Galileos produces seamlessly integrated 2D and 3D images that serve as a basis for further planning and diagnosis. You benefit from having more effective, tailored treatments rendered faster than ever before! Dentists benefit from having the most complete evidence at their fingertips.

Advanced Laser Dentistry Technology
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