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Endodontic Services

When the soft inner center of the teeth called the pulp becomes damaged, diseased or infected, a special type of dentist is required to treat the area. This is called an Endodontist, a doctor who has received additional training in order to diagnose and treat endodontic conditions beneath the gum line. Dr. Carrigan, our resident endodontist in Naples, can help restore your mouth and your smile using streamlined, strategic techniques that minimize tooth pain and expedite recovery.

What is endodontic dentistry?

Endodontics in Naples concerns the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases within the nerves, root and lymphatic tissue of the dental pulp, as well as correction of injuries.

Root canal therapy is usually required when damage has spread to the pulp. A root canal can help to disinfect the region and calm inflammation. An endodontist must receive specialized training in this field, and build an intuitive understanding of how to treat and heal tooth pain that stems from the dental pulp.

Endodontist in Naples, FL

Don't Live WithTooth Pain

Tooth pain can be extremely difficult to experience. The pulp inside your tooth is made of soft material filled with nerves, tissues and blood vessels. The nerves in this area are some of the most sensitive in the body, and when they are infected or irritated, the pain can be severe.

Other causes of tooth aches & tooth pain in Naples, such as injury or fracture can cause pain that is just as intense. Tooth pain symptoms include sharp, throbbing or constant pains, swelling, fever and headache, foul-tasting drainage or a bad odor.

You don’t have to live with tooth pain and its symptoms. In fact, when it’s not getting better on its own, waiting to have it treated can make it much worse. Treating tooth pain early is the best, most reliable way to avoid complications, worsening pain, and more extensive dental treatment. At Bayview Dental Arts, we can discover the cause of your tooth pain and effectively treat it.

I’m thrilled with my new smile and could not be happier with the results. I look in the mirror now and cannot believe how great my teeth look. Stephanie

Why choose BayView Dental Arts in Naples for endodontics?

At BayView Dental Arts, luxury and relaxation are synonymous with dental treatment. Our soothing office environment sets you at ease instantly as you enjoy personalized music and calming essential oils. Our team of experienced, skilled dentists use the very latest in advanced dental technology to rapidly diagnose and treat complex oral conditions & tooth pain in Naples so you can return to your life with a brighter, more youthful and structurally sound smile.

Endodontist in Naples, FL

Tooth Pain FAQs

How can I tell if my tooth pain is a dental emergency?

To determine if your tooth pain is a dental emergency, consider the severity of the pain and any accompanying symptoms. If you experience severe, unrelenting pain, swelling, bleeding, or trauma to the tooth, it's likely a dental emergency, and you should seek immediate care from a dentist or an emergency dental clinic.

Is it normal to experience tooth sensitivity, and how can I relieve it?

Tooth sensitivity can be normal and is often caused by factors like cold or hot foods, sweet items, or aggressive brushing. You can relieve it by using desensitizing toothpaste, practicing good oral hygiene, and avoiding triggers like very hot or cold substances. If sensitivity persists, consult your dentist for a thorough evaluation.

Can tooth pain be a sign of a more serious medical condition?

Yes, tooth pain can sometimes be a sign of a more serious medical condition, such as a sinus infection, heart problems, or a neurological issue. If your tooth pain is persistent and not related to a dental problem, it's essential to consult a healthcare professional to rule out any underlying medical issues.

Scheduling Your Root Canal Treatment

If you are in need of a root canal or think you might need a root canal, contact BayView Dental Arts in Naples to speak with our endodontic specialist, Dr. Patrick Carrigan today.

Patrick J.CarriganDMD

Patrick J. Carrigan DMD

Dr. Carrigan received his Doctor of Dental Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. He then continued his education by pursuing a Certification in Endodontics at Temple University School of Dentistry. He has received multiple awards for his mastery of root canal dentistry, including the Pittsburgh Top Dentist Award, the Naples Top Dentist Award and the Louis Seiden Award for Clinical Excellence.

Robert C.HedgepathDMD

Robert C. Hedgepath DMD

Dr. Hedgepath attended Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, and well as Boston University Goldman School of Graduate Dentistry. He is a veteran of restorative techniques for crowns, implants, ceramic veneers and bridgework. Dr. Hedgepath is also a Certified Invisalign Provider.

Edward A.ScherderDMD, JD

Edward A. Scherder DMD, JD

Dr. Scherder received his Doctor of Dental Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. He then pursued Graduate Prothodontics Residency. Dr. Scherder provides transformative results, and is a consummate authority in cosmetic, implant and restorative dentistry.

Kurtis P.HusseyDMD

Kurtis P. Hussey DMD

Dr. Kurtis Hussey completed his advanced training in restorative and implant dentistry at the University of Florida in St. Petersburg, Florida. As a certified General Dentist, Dr. Hussey is known for his commitment to his patients and his skill with advanced technologies and techniques.

Jose M.HorakDMD

Jose M. Horak DMD

Dr. Horak specializes in restorative and implant dentistry. With the constantly evolving field of dentistry, his focus is on education, innovation and advancing his skill development to provide the highest quality dental care to his patients.

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